Due to the pandemic, a lot of activities require signing up online in advance. At my University’s gym, they offer 2 hour slots throughout the day, each of which open 6 hours in advance for reservation. Because the demand for time slots heavily outweigh the amount of slots, the competition for getting a slot has reached a point where you have to be on your computer exactly when they are released.

I decided it was time to combine my coding skills and knack for extreme efficiency (or laziness) to create a bot that would automate signing up for me…

Addressing the Misconceptions

If you don’t actually know what a hackathon is you are probably imagining the scene from Social Network where Facebook hirees are challenged to a race to hack into a server. The scene takes place in a tightly packed room with a cheering audience and shots being forced down their throats.

While I am unsure if this Facebook story is true, I can assure you that hackathons are nothing like this. The atmosphere is not of the high stake and competitive nature that Social Network portrays but rather an innovative, collaborative and fun environment.

People hear the word “hackathon” and…

What is Recursion?

If you understand the underlying concept of recursion but struggle to implement it like myself, or you don’t even know what it is, then this post if for you.

Recursion is defined as solving a complex problem by breaking the problem into smaller versions of itself that can be solved. In programming, this is done by having a function call itself.

The underlying principle of recursion are these two cases:

  1. Base Case: this case defines the smallest instance of a problem. In certain recursive solutions, there can be multiple base cases but for the purpose of this post’s explanation, my…

Thomas Montfort

I enjoy learning about AI/Programming and teaching others.

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